Whether you use leaf springs or lift blocks to raise the rear of your van, you will need to consider the change in driveshaft angle coming off the back of the transfer case. Our crossmember extension solution allows you affordably reuse your existing crossmember  which is transmission specific. Our kit is suitable for a 4-6" rear lift. The kit works with the E40D, 4R100, 5R110 and 4R75 transmissions alike. 


One of your existing crossmember holes will be re-used, requiring only to drill 1 hole in each side of your crossmember which is easily lined up; provided in our kit is the appropriate 1/2" drill bit to do so. E40D transmission crossmember may require transmission mount holes to be drilled in the crossmember due to differences in 2WD and 4WD extension housings. (2-holes)


Construction Notes: Plates are 1/4" A36 steel and come with welded williams washers for additional support. Extensions are powdercoated for longevity and pre-cleaned to indicate appropriate weld pattern. After welding in and allowing to cool slightly, we recommend painting your extensions and crossmember, effectively bake setting your paint.

Transmission Crossmember Drop Kit

SKU: T8003
  • Kit Fits Models: 8 Lug E-150 (2008-2014), E-250 (1995-2014), E-350/450 (1995-Current). All standard engines and sub-models

    Tool Requirements: Pneumatic impact gun and/or wrench to remove crossmember, appropriate sockets, wrenches, pneumatic or otherwise grinder for surface weld-prep, pilot drill bit(s), minimum 220v welder w/ shielding gas, touch up spray paint (semi-flat black). 


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