Our experience in building many vans has allowed us to construct a straightforward kit to convert your Ford Econoline from 2 wheel drive to 4x4. We offer the most comprehensive and affordable kit on the market with no sacrifice in quality. The Timbeline Master Kit has only a few options and fits most any 8 lug Econoline 1994-14 as well as the later model Cab/Chassis units.


If you are contemplating buying a master kit please visit our goals page to familiarize yourself with the process. Though you need not be a veteran ASE mechanic to build our vans, some automotive experience is ideal and there are tools/equipment that make the conversion go quickly and smoothly. 


When building your budget around our kit please consider you will need the following:


Axle: Used or New Dana 60 front axle from 2005 to 2012 Superduty with factory or aftermarket OEM style steering components which we recommend replacing during build, including ball joints. 


Transfer case: NP271 used or remanufactured which we can supply if needed. There are 2 input shaft options for the Ford style NP271. 


-You need a 4x4 extension housing and output shaft to bolt up the T-Case

-Only the 5R110 transmission does not require removal and professional disassembly to do so
-2008+ 4R70/4R75 transmissions most easily mate with the NP271 by recasing 

-This may be a good opportunity to buy a reman trans, we can help with this

-4R100 transmission vans require Dakota Digital SGI-5E or Abbott ERA Ratio Adapter for transmission and speedometer to function.


Fuel tank: Your tank will likely need shortened 

-Midship tank van (most) fuel tanks are too long to fit after transfer case is installed. We will be offering new fuel tanks shortly but do not. Additionally, if your van is 2010 or newer, you have a composite fuel tank that can't be modified, so you'll need to run down a tank. If you're in the Colorado area we can build you a tank, just no shipping currently. 

-2008+ gasoline vans require Vapor Canister Box Relocate Kit (T8018)

Driveshafts: You will need driveshafts built to a few various length options. Repurposed Superduty or Excursion shafts can be retubed professionally to save money, or you can have new shafts built. We are offering driveshafts on a limited basis by phone or email only.


Shocks: Our vans are designed to use a standard F-250/F-350 4x4 shock. There are many options for you to choose from depending on what you'll be doing with your van. 


ABS sensors: As best we know, there are (3) options for the ABS sensors in Econoline vans. (You will retain all factory ABS, stability control, traction control, etc.)

Exhaust: Gas engine vans require professional exhaust routing, but all can maintain factory emissions equipment. Diesel vans do not require exhaust routing.


-6.0 diesel vans require Oil Filter Housing Re-Articulation Kit ( T8016)

-Sliding door vans require Hinge Extension Kit (T8017)


Wheels and tires: Your new van is getting bigger brakes and the mounting pattern changes to a truck style (8x170mm), so pick out some new shoes. You will need 17" wheels minimum. Our choice is an 18" wheel with 275 70 18 tires. (33.2"x10.8") A matching-size spare will fit under the rear of the van with a quick trim of the cradle ears. 


We understand you will have questions. There aren't a ton of differences over the models and years, however there are notable ones and we have worked on them all, so please or email with your application and we will outline the info carefully for you. 


Timberline Master Conversion Kit

  • Kit Fits Models: 8 Lug E-150 (2008-2014), E-250 (1995-2014), E-350/450  (1995-Current) All standard engines and sub-models*


    ** There are some subtle difference and requirements between models and years which we will help you with. Our kit will work on dual wheel vehicles, but additional wheel adapters may be required depending on your end game.


    Kit Includes:

    4 Link Kit (T8001)

    Track Bar Kit (T8002)

    Transmission Crossmember Drop Kit (T8003)

    Rear End Lift Kit (T8004) +40 for Dana 70

    Transfer Case Shifter Kit (T8005/6)

    4x4 Indicator Light Kit (T8007)

    Transfer Case Hardware Kit (T8008)

    Shifter Trim Kit (T8009)

    Front Brake Line Kit (T8010)

    Sway Bar Kit (T8011) +275 for Hellwig Sway Bar

    Spring Perch Kit (T8012)

    Bump Stop Kit (T8013)

    Front Shock Extension Kit (T8014)

    Stabilizer Shock Mount Kit (T8015)

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