You have some options when choosing your anti-sway bar. The front sway bar is integral to the stability of the van, particularly on the highway. We offer a few options for you. 


If your van is pre-2008, our setup reqires purchasing a sway bar. The two main options are factory style (comes standard on 2008+ vans), or a heavy duty Hellwig sway bar. In most instances, particularly on anything with a heavier engine or high top roof/roof rack, you will likely want the heavy duty sway bar. It is simply more stable in the wind and on the highway. 


If your van is specifically going to spend most of its' time offroad or you're doing mostly city driving, then a little more flex is nice for a smoother ride and the factory sway bar is fine. In the near future we will be offering quick disconnect links for the heavy duty bar at which point, we will likely discontinue usage of factory bar. 


The sway bar is a bolt on affair, no drilling holes in the frame. The sway bar tabs do require to be welded to the Dana 60 axle and come bare metal. After welding in and allowing to cool slightly, we recommend painting your tabs, effectively bake setting your paint.


Construction Notes: Tabs are 1/4" A36 steel, factory sway bar option OEM equipment, Hellwig bar is chromoly steel, hammer-finish powdercoated, split shaft collar included for non-hellwig application to keep bar from sliding back and forth  

Front Sway Bar Kit

Sway Bar Kit Options
  • Kit Fits Models: 8 Lug E-150 (2008-2014), E-250 (1995-2014), E-350/450 (1995-Current). All standard engines and sub-models


    Tool Requirements: Electric impact and/or ratchet and appropriate sockets, pneumatic or otherwise grinder for surface weld-prep, minimum 220v welder w/ shielding gas, touch up spray paint, Allen head wrenches for split shaft collar


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