We have designed a simple front steering stabilizer solution that works well with the rest of our setup. Our coil spring 4-Link front end is well balanced and we have never felt that an elaborate dual shock stability system was needed while running up to 33" tires.


The axle side bracket fits neatly below the track bar and is used in pair with the steering side bracket that mounts on the lower tie-rod adjustment sleeve. These brackets have conventional shock mounts allowing you to use whatever shock you want. We often use a standard Monroe SC2955 which is for light truck application (Ram 550/F550). 


Installation Notes: Axle side stabilizer shock bracket requires welded in. Component fits easily in place and basically can only go in one way.


Construction Notes: Plates are 3/16" A36 steel and shock mounts are 1/4", Included grade 8 hardware. Stabilizer mounts are powdercoated and axle side bracket comes pre-cleaned to indicate appropriate weld pattern. After welding in and allowing to cool slightly, we recommend painting your bracket, effectively bake setting your paint.

Front Steering Stabilizer Kit

SKU: T8015
  • Kit Fits Models: Front Dana 60 Axle Ford Superduty 2005-2012


    Tool Requirements: Ratchet and appropriate sockets, wrenches, pneumatic or otherwise grinder for surface weld-prep, minimum 220v welder w/ shielding gas, touch up paint (semi-flat black)


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