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2019 - January updates


We are building GM Express vans now. I'll be re-designing some of the site to reflect our offerings, listing prices, and photos. Here's a few undercarriage sneak shots.

This is an independent front suspension design that will accommodate 0-3" of lift depending on what suits you. We are currently limited to 2009-2018 Express/Savana 2500+3500 conventional passenger or cargo vans with gas motors. Cab and chassis/diesel will be added soon.

Includes all new fabricated components, remanufactured transfer case and differential.

Choice of 3.73 or 3.42 gearing

Using as many factory style components as possible to make future service easy.

And a ride quality that's so close to the factory 2WD feel, you'll be comfy on those long highway rides.


We have had so many requests for upfitting jobs...way too many. I've decided to setup a menu for some services we offer.

These are services that can be implemented on vans you're buying from us, or something you want to bring us. We work specifically only on Ford Econoline and Chevy Express Vans. Stay tuned as we continue to add to this section.

Go check it out. We have fixed pricing for these jobs, but they can vary slightly by application, so call or email with questions.

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