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Timberline Vans Available and Upcoming 4x4 Van Inventory

We build 4x4 Ford Econolines and Chevy Express / GMC Savana vans both for spec and to spec. We are a licensed Colorado dealer and Tim here has been in the automotive industry for 25 years and has bought and sold thousands of vehicles. 

In the past, we have done a good deal of brokering vehicles for our customers, but due to long current lead times that has been a challenge to accommodate, so for now, we will be building spec vans for sale periodically. We do take vans on trade if it makes sense, and there are so many Timberline Vans out there at this point, we'll often see them pop up for sale and post a link, or they sometimes come in on consignment. 

There is a narrow band of vehicles that we are willing to discuss brokering and build-outs for. Currently, we are happy to discuss sourcing and handling complete builds on: Chevrolet Express/GMC Savana cargo vans both short and long, and gas powered E-series passenger vans (short or long), or E-series cargo vans extended only. These are vehicles we tend to have access to historically and can be found with very low mileage. These builds require 6-12 months to locate, and full builds require approximately 6 months to complete, per our current schedule. Comprehensive builds range from $80,000-$120,000 in most cases. 

If this sounds fun, please contact us and set up a consultation to discuss options. 
Currently Available:

Coming soon:1984 Ambulance with 4k miles that will be listed for approximately $47k and is fresh out of the wrapper new.
Build Late Q1 2022 - 2005 High Top 5.4 45k Miles, this van will be built to spec and listed for sale, and is not available for full custom build, photos likely available when we get closer to build.  


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