Timberline Vans Available and Upcoming 4x4 Van Inventory

We build 4x4 Ford Econolines and Chevy Express / GMC Savana vans both for spec and to spec. We do carry AWD express vans as well. Although we don't do brokering specifically, we make time to look for vehicles. Tim has literally bought and sold thousands of vans, so we have practice. We do our best to update the inventory page, but vehicles are often given allocation before they arrive, or sold before they are posted.


If you are serious, please take the time to familiarize yourself with our product and call us, ask questions, and create a point of contact so we can most efficiently help you. You may submit a request via our CONTACT US form we will gladly put you on the radar. We have some guidelines to help you get started on the right path to van ownership on our VAN GOALS page so please feel free to educate yourself if you are new to vanning. 

Update: November 15, 2019

We are currently scheduling conversions for April 2020, we may have some V10s come available, but everything is on hold currently. We do have a 2.8 Duramax coming in for build early next year. GM kit pricing coming out beginning of December, thank you for being patient while we these things. 

(1) 2004 Ford E-350 10 Foot Box Van SRW 5.4 V8 (high mileage) -- RV style box, generator, this van is coming out amazing. 

(1) 2011 Chevrolet Express Extended Quigley 4x4 4.8 V8 Gas Cargo - $25k-ish with paneled interior

(1) 2017 Chevrolet Express 3500 Short Window 2.8 Duramax Van 75k, Dark Green. -$42k+/-

(1) 2012 Express 3500 Duramax 4x4 available for purchase now, listed below.

To outline the sale process a little more clearly for vehicles we're sourcing here's a brief outline of the steps. 

1) Call and discuss options and availability with Tim @ 720 515 0427 or email us

2) If the vehicle is something we would normally buy, no deposit is required to source.

3) Once the vehicle has been located, purchased, delivered to us and gone through quick clean-up, we will either send photos or invite you down to inspect and approve the purchase. 

4) If an agreement is reached, the vehicle must be paid for in advance and may be removed from lot to complete any outside work on until the conversion date arrives. The vehicle may be stored as well at Timberline until conversion completed. (There is no storage charge for this.)

5) Higher dollar accessory items must be paid for in advance, however, vehicle conversion payment not required until the vehicle is picked up or delivered. 

6) Again, once the vehicle and remainder of upfitting / detail work is done, vehicle and work may be paid for when picked up.

Scroll to bottom or click here to see some detailed specs on our conversion process. 

2012 Chevrolet Express 3500 Duramax Extended Timberline Window Van 4x4

2012 Chevrolet Express 3500 Diesel 4x4 Timberline Van Conversion

year 2012
drive train 4x4
make Chevrolet
ext color White
model G3500 EXT
int color Grey
sub model Custom 4x4 Timberline Van Passenger or Cargo
vin 1GAZGZFL9C1128916
engine 6.6 Liter Duramax Turbo Diesel V8
mileage 128005
transmission Automatic OD (6L90)

This is a recently completed 3500 series extended 6.6 Timberline 4x4 Van, built in Golden, Colorado. If you follow us, you know we've been building vans for several years now and are well-respected part of the 4x4 van community. We specialize in both Ford and Chevy and are primarily a chassis company/vehicle dealer. Our Chevrolet design employs an as-close-to-factory design as we could imagine GM would construct.

This van has independent front suspension and although it has 4x4, it's not super jacked up, nor does it wander all over the road. The design is simple, and employs as many off the shelf components as possible, making service comparable to a 4x4 Chevy truck.

This particular van is a Texas vehicle we brought in to build out. It's a pretty basic extended window van, suitable for passenger, cargo, or camping build. It has scores of new parts, runs very strong, drives nice and looks very presentable. Duramax 4WD vans are just so difficult to find and this is a sound example with a long ways to go yet.

(I'll put this up here near the top, since it's a common question. Can we convert your Econoline or Express van?, the answer is most likely yes.) Please visit us at for more info.

This van was used for work. It is presentable but not perfect. The paint is shiny, there's no obvious damage, doors all open and close easily, it has a new windshield, new wheels, tires have about 700 miles on them, wheels are new, has a new Timberline roof rack, LED light bar, ladder, and LED headlight conversion. The van has about 3" of lift, and it's easy to get in and out of.

The van has had the left front fender replaced do to a very minor altercation at our shop. The left front door has a small ding, left lower rocker has one, we painted the upper body panels on both sides and hood due to flyaway paint, passenger front door handle protrudes just slightly but works fine. It's little stuff, van is pretty, but has been used.

The cabin is in good shape. It was used for work, again, so not perfect, but it's comfy, doesn't smell like smoke, everything functions, has nice cold air and no warning lights on dash. The van is pretty basic, but it does have cruise control. The front seats have been reupholstered in grey/black piped vinyl and look awesome.

We have it setup right now just wide open in the back. We do have all the seats, though in varying fabrics, so depending on what you want, we can chat. It does still have the rails in the floor, so you can see the 'wave' in the vinyl flooring that we've stacked on top of them. There are lots of options here, just depending on what you want to do. You can build a sub floor and use them as mounting points, just use as-is and have that profile in the floor, we can remove the rails if you like, but it's an 11 hour job, at $80/hour. The fuel tank has to come out, driveline, and exhaust, just to get access.

The dash vents could stand to be replaced, the rear vents in the headliner were rattly so they have some screws in them to hold them tight that look so-so. The left front side panel is just a hair different shade than the rest, rear trim panel on floor is worn, it's all just little stuff that make the van not perfect. It's nice to drive and ride in, but if you are looking for a lawn trophy this is not the correct van. This one is made to take out and use and not feel bad about it.

build / mech / misc
This van has been gone through both for the 4x4, and the engine. It has scores of new parts. We did have to do injectors which these are known for, so that was $5500 our cost. They have a 1 year parts warranty that has about 10 months left on it. We dismantled the urea system and replaced everything, pump, heater, injector, sensors. Van has a few new EGT sensors, both NOX sensors are new, it has new oil, filter, and fuel filter. The motor hums right a long, batteries are great, it has excellent power and doesn't rattle. It looks dry underneath, not puking any fluids, just some crusties from being a diesel. It's seen a few dirt roads, but no salt, so it's not rusty like great lakes or east coast vehicles, zero body rust.

For the 4x4 conversion, we did completely rebuild the rear diff and re-geared it to 3.73 from 3.54, so it has a little more pickup now. The front diff and t-case are both rebuilt, T case is a 261 which we use in all our GM builds, far better choice than the Magna t-case GM is using now. The van has many new components: lower control arms and ball joints are Moog, has new rotors, SKF hubs, CV Axles, new Bilsteins all the way around, reman drive-shafts (rear is 1 piece aluminum now, no carrier). We utilize a torsion bar suspension system similar to what GM does on their trucks. The components that we fabricate are basically built into the vehicle, and everything else that's serviceable is off the shelf type stuff you'll be able to source easily.

The van has electric locking hubs with a manual shifter operated from inside the cab. It maintains all factory ABS and safety braking equipment. The TPMS sensors are new and programmed. The van has 3" of front lift and 2" in the back so it's modest but still looks mean. This is the only configuration we currently offer.

Our GM conversion is intended to ride and drive as close to a regular 2WD van as possible, with the reliability to not get stuck in the snow. It will shake off trail work as well. All components used are over-built and akin to a 3500 series Silverado pickup. We have designed these vans to be simple and easily serviceable. Fabricated parts are powder coated for longevity and all weld-ins are epoxy painted after install. You will receive a build sheet with a components list for future parts needs.

The van carries a 6 month 6k mile warranty on 4x4 conversion parts nationwide, labor included for local Colorado customers. The van has a 30-day warranty for everything else for Colorado residents only. We do offer a free 1000 mile check through if you're local. This van should pass emissions anywhere, exhaust is unmodified. Call with ?s, Tim 720 515 0427 - Timberline Vans

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Important stuff - Our build details (Ford)

Service: Vehicle can be easily serviced at any Ford dealer or conventional mechanic

Parts List: Parts list of serviceable items provided on every vehicle, so you know what you have in the future

Front End: Coil spring solid axle Dana 60 (2005-2012) Superduty (F-250/F-350) conversion with custom 4-link front

Transfer Case: Manual shift NP271 (NV271) from Superduty truck

Transmission: Remanufactured with warranty, unless equipped with 5R110 where that's an option (read more below)

Stability: Rigid track bar with integrated cradle support arm (engine cradle trimmed during conversion)

ABS, TCS, RSC, ETC: Factory ABS and stability systems maintain functionality across all sub-models

Emissions/Smog: All factory emissions equipment across all sub-models remains functional

Parts: Serviceable components are all off the shelf parts available OEM or aftermarket equivalent

Lift: Estimated overall vehicle lift of 5 inches plus tire size

Tires: 275 70R18 recommended tire size, 245 70R 17 for lower ride height

Fitment: 8 Lug E-150 (2008-2014), E-250 (1995-2014), E-350/450 (1995-Current). All standard engines and sub-models

What's included

New parts: 4-link front end, track bar brackets, 1.5" solid steel track bar with 7/8" chromoly heim joints, 5" of rear vehicle lift via lift block, new u-bolts, new front brake lines, abs sensors, new sway bar (OEM or Hellwig), spring perches, coil springs, pro-comp mono-tube aluminum shocks (standard F-250/F-350), new stabilizer brackets and shock, re-manufactured transfer case, 4x4 indicator lamp and wiring, custom driveshafts, new Moog brand tie-rods (4), adjustment sleeves, sway bar links, ball joints. All hardware for conversion is grade 10 and grade 8 certified with zinc coating where available. Axle receives new brake rotors, calipers, pads, and hardware. We require  new wheels, 10 ply truck tires, TPMS sensors where needed and new lug nuts.  We powdercoat everything possible for longevity and salty climates. 

Reconditioned parts: Dana 60 front axle, cleaned and inspected, painted, good ring, pinion, bearings, front axle-shaft u-joints. Rear differential receives drain, clean, new gasket material, fill, LSD additive if needed. Transmission cross-member remains original, but is modified to correct driveshaft angle. Fuel tank is shortened approximately 2 gallons, professionally handled and tested in a fabrication shop, and red-kote lined for longevity. (Rear tank models go unmodified)

Transmission: There are basically 4 transmissions in the Ford Econoline. Transmissions rebuilt as part of the process: 4R75, 4R100, E40D. We have recently changed transmission providers and all transmissions now built after Sept 1 2019 come with a 3-year unlimited mileage warranty through LKQ. More details about this available over email/phone. If your van has a 5R110 transmission ( V10, 6.0, or Cab/Chassis), rebuild is considered an option.

Warranty: Our conversions come with a 12 month 12,000 mile parts warranty. Labor is included for Colorado customers only. Parts warranty is limited to manufacturer or installation defect. Transmission warranty covered by WIT, subject to their own constraints.

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