Timberline can convert your 2 wheel drive van to 4x4

We are currently offering outside conversions on Ford Econoline vans with very few limitations. We have also added the CHEVROLET EXPRESS / SAVANA to our conversion line. 

Here is a snapshot of the conversion process


10-20 minutes by phone, email, or in-person, maybe some photos, a schedule, and we'll help you make good decisions


Bring it to us, have us ship it in. 5 minutes of paperwork, bring us a deposit check or use a card


We'll do the heavy lifting, just give us a few weeks


Fly in, drive in, ride in, or have us ship-out. 10 minute demo, bring a check, adventure awaits


Most common answers:


-Ford Econoline 1994-2018 only

-$15,700 +upgrades/mods+wheels and tires, Q4 price increase of $700 reflects new standard of replacing hub assemblies and u-joints on all front axles, not always required, but we recommend it as part of our ongoing effort to improve longevity. 

-Approx 2 week turn around

-Timing schedule varies, call or email for current estimate.

-No rusty vans, nothing more than 23 feet long, must have 8 lug axles (all 250/350/450 + 08+150)

-Upfitting and reconditioning available, no cabinets or bed platforms currently



This is where we listen to what you're trying to accomplish, how much you know, guide you with our experience and help in any way we can. If there's an opportunity for us to convert your van or help you decide whether a prospective vehicle is a good purchase, we'll gladly do so. We'll give you cut and dry answers. We won't lean on you, and we'll give you the tools you need to make informed decisions. (Only about vans.. honestly, it's really the only thing in life we've figured out.)

Additional upfit:

We do have capacity to do a fair amount of upfitting. We're not a full camper shop, but if you want your cargo van paneled, a window cut in, exhaust fan, additional seating, hitch, racks, or work vehicle equipment, we can handle that. For a more comprehensive list of additional upfit options, view here. 


When your date comes up, you can drop your vehicle off at our location in Golden, Colorado. If you are in metro Denver, we offer free pickup of your van. If you are out of state, you can arrange to drive it in and we can drop you off at the airport. You can also have your van shipped to our location which we can assist with.


We have a simple 3-page reader that will be provided to you after the consult which just needs a signature, and we require down payment. The terms are $9000 down payable by cash, check, or debit card. If you'd like to use a credit card, we charge 2.5% for anything over $5000, 3% for AMEX. If your project requires significant upfit, we may opt for a larger down payment. 

build (Ford)

We need your van for a few weeks. In a real pinch, we can do a move faster, but we typically need a day at alignment and a day at exhaust for gas vans which does eat up some time. If you can't wait the 6-8 weeks to get your van in, let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Your van is fully insured during its' stay at our shop. We are in a small commercial area surrounded by residential homes in an older neighborhood. Our shop is tucked away and very safe.

Important stuff

Service: Vehicle can be easily serviced at any Ford dealer or conventional mechanic

Parts List: Parts list of serviceable items provided on every vehicle, so you know what you have in the future

Front End: Coil spring solid axle Dana 60 (2005-2012) Superduty (F-250/F-350) conversion with custom 4-link front

Transfer Case: Manual shift NP271 (NV271) from Superduty truck

Transmission: Remanufactured with warranty, unless equipped with 5R110 where that's an option (read more below)

Stability: Rigid track bar with integrated cradle support arm (engine cradle trimmed during conversion)

ABS, TCS, RSC, ETC: Factory ABS and stability systems maintain functionality across all sub-models

Emissions/Smog: All factory emissions equipment across all sub-models remains functional

Parts: Serviceable components are all off the shelf parts available OEM or aftermarket equivalent

Lift: Estimated overall vehicle lift of 5 inches plus tire size

Tires: 275 70R18 recommended tire size, 245 70R 17 for lower ride height

Fitment: 8 Lug E-150 (2008-2014), E-250 (1995-2014), E-350/450 (1995-Current). All standard engines and sub-models

What's included

New parts: 4-link front end, track bar brackets, 1.5" solid steel track bar with 7/8" chromoly heim joints, 5" of rear vehicle lift via lift block, new u-bolts, new front brake lines, abs sensors, new sway bar (OEM or Hellwig), spring perches, coil springs, pro-comp mono-tube aluminum shocks (standard F-250/F-350), new stabilizer brackets and shock, re-manufactured transfer case, 4x4 indicator lamp and wiring, custom driveshafts, new Moog brand tie-rods (4), adjustment sleeves, sway bar links, ball joints. All hardware for conversion is grade 10 and grade 8 certified with zinc coating where available. Axle receives new brake rotors, calipers, pads, and hardware. We require  new wheels, 10 ply truck tires, TPMS sensors where needed and new lug nuts.  We powdercoat everything possible for longevity and salty climates. 

Reconditioned parts: Dana 60 front axle, cleaned and inspected, painted, good ring, pinion, bearings, front axle-shaft u-joints. Rear differential receives drain, clean, new gasket material, fill, LSD additive if needed. Transmission cross-member remains original, but is modified to correct driveshaft angle. Fuel tank is shortened approximately 2 gallons, professionally handled and tested in a fabrication shop, and red-kote lined for longevity. (Rear tank models go unmodified)

Transmission: There are basically 4 transmissions in the Ford Econoline. Transmissions rebuilt as part of the process: 4R75, 4R100, E40D. We have recently changed transmission providers and all transmissions now built after Sept 1 2019 come with a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty through LKQ. More details about this available over email/phone. If your van has a 5R110 transmission ( V10, 6.0, or Cab/Chassis), rebuild is considered an option.

Warranty: Our conversions come with a 12 month 12,000 mile parts warranty. Labor is included for Colorado customers only. Parts warranty is limited to manufacturer or installation defect. Transmission warranty covered by WIT, subject to their own constraints.

What we work on

Fitment: 8 Lug E-150 (2008-2014), E-250 (1995-2014), E-350/450 (1995-Current) All standard engines and sub-models. We are currently limited to vehicles less than 23 feet long and less than 11,000lbs empty. For reference, most conventional Econoline vans weigh in between 6,000 and 7,000lbs. 

Van Condition: We generally prefer to work on nice non-rusty vans. It doesn't make sense to spend a lot of money on a dilapidated vehicle. We realize all vans are used and have personality. We will consider converting anything that fits the above described so call or email with questions.

Cost modifiers

Cost modifiers

-6.0 Liter diesel vans require oil filter re-articulation kit +$595

-Older 4R100/E40D Gas + 7,3 Liter vans require electronic ratio adapter +$315 installed

-4R100/E40D vans (common on 7.3 and older vans) +$1,500 transmission cost (Gas V10/ V8),  $1,700 7.3

-4R75 vans (common on 5.4 and 4.6 vans) +$1,500 transmission rebuild cost, $800 for adapters only syle.

-2011+ gasoline powered vans require additional fuel tank location modifications +$600

-Sliding door vans require custom hinge +$600 

-Dual rear wheel vehicles may require additional wheel adapters

Upgrades - We have just (2) upgrade options we recommend on vans

-Hellwig 7718 sway bar, is a heavy duty sway bar that keeps vans more stable in the wind, quick disconnect sway bar links are available if you plan to spend a lot of time off-road. Upgrade cost is $330

-Warn hub lockouts. Your van will come with factory lockouts, the Warn hub lockout is a smoother operating nicer looking brand new option. Upgrade cost is $375

Additional labor rates

-Shop Rate + Mechanical Work: $95/hour (my van needs spark plugs, I want a power inverter and solar)

-Specialty Diag / Custom Labor + Fab: $115+/hour (my left turn signal causes my radio to play country, I need a built-in fish tank)

Payment: On a conventional conversion, we require $9,500 down at the time of van being dropped off. The balance is due on delivery. If you have additional upfit requirements, additional down will be required. Non-Colorado residents must pay balance with certified funds, cash, or credit/debit. We accept all major credit cards, however, there is a 2% charge for anything more than $4,000. Colorado residents must pay tax on applicable parts.


When your van is finished, you can schedule a pickup which only takes about 20 minutes. If you are out of state and want your van delivered we can help with that. We also offer free airport pickup if you'd like to fly in and drive your van home. If you need some time to get here, we can store the van for you for up to 30 days. Additional storage of vehicle may incur fees as we are limited on space.

You will receive a build sheet with the details of your conversion components for future service and we will spend whatever time you need to explain your new setup. We generally take folks on a quick 5-10 minute test drive to go over the 4x4. Balance due by cash, certified funds or debit card for balance. Credit card payment fee schedule same as at drop-off.

Colorado Residents:

Timberline will collect applicable sales tax on parts used in the conversion process. A good deal of the components used already have taxes paid on materials. 

We offer a free 1000 mile checkup on your van, just to bring it in and shake it down, check for any details needing attention. If you are in metro Denver, we offer free pickup and delivery service of your van.

16015 W 4th Ave Suite 1 Golden Colorado 80401

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