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Ford Econoline and Chevrolet Express Timberline 4x4 Conversions

Here's a quick guide to the process, and below you'll find links to the Ford and GM conversion pages for more detailed information. 

crash course


Between this and our Supply site, there is oodles of information about vans in general and what we do here, if you have time, just pour through it a little bit and if you still have questions or just don't like listening to my jargon and drivel then pickup the handset and call. 

Conversion Details Quick Links​

Most Common Answers


Conversion years serviced: 1975-Current

Cost: $16k-$27k options dependent. (Most vans $17k-ish)

Lift: 5" Most common

Other Lift options: Yes

Vehicle: 150, 250, 350, 450


Conversion years serviced: 2003-Current

Cost: $15k-$25k options dependent. (Most vans $16k-ish)

Lift: 2-3" Most common

Other Lift options: Yes

Vehicle: 2500, 3500, 4500


  • Vehicle length capped at 23 feet

  • We offer conversions for all engine and transmission options (Except 4L60), 

  • Nice vans only, no rust, no mileage caps, but it needs to be a nice van. 




After you've decided you want to spend your hard-earned money with us, email and set up a time for a chat. We'll take the time to go over your project with you and answer any questions you may have or options you want to explore.


 This is where we listen to what you're trying to accomplish, how much you know, guide you with our experience and help in any way we can. If there's an opportunity for us to convert your van or help you decide whether a prospective vehicle is a good purchase, we'll gladly do so. We'll give you cut and dry answers. We won't lean on you, and we'll give you the tools you need to make informed decisions. (Only about vans.. honestly, it's really the only thing in life we've figured out.)

Additional upfit:

Our background is in building great van chassis. We've taken the same ethics and built processes and vetted systems for many other things van-related and we're perfectly capable of handling just about anything you can think of except pop-tops, which's going to have to change soon. 

Whether you just want a trailer hitch, a roof rack, or you want a comprehensive off-grid stand-alone overland hoss, we can build it. We are a small shop and process a lot of work. We appreciate deadlines just like you do, but understand the more complex the build, the more time it takes to execute. If your Daughters' wedding has been planned around us finishing the van, please let us know several years in advance before we start your project. 

quote & tinker


We have 2 ways of ironing out the details on your rig. If you're planning on doing a 4x4 van conversion we have a 3-page reader that covers a lot of what is listed on our Ford or Chevy pages, plus more specific information about your rig, If we get this far with your project, we'll need a VIN number, your contact details, and a few photos of the rig.


This quote is where you'll see approximate dates, detailed pricing, and any other terms as it pertains to your project. Once you've ok'd all the details, we'll ask you for a $2000 deposit to hold your spot in line. Our dates are flexible if something comes up and you need to delay, just keep in mind, if you need us to be flexible, we need ya'll to reciprocate just a bit. 


The deposit is non-refundable unless you can convince me it should be otherwise. I am a model pragmatist, which makes me very reasonable to deal with. We like happy people. 


The tinker sheet

We've developed a very helpful spreadsheet we call a tinker sheet for all our customers who are designing thorough builds. It's not exactly a "build your car" applet like you'll see on new car's much better, every number, cost, and detailed information on what goes into your build and why it costs so darn much. You can pick and choose exactly what you want and there's a neat little responsive total at the bottom that shows you your expenditure. This tool is immensely helpful for us to know exactly what you want, and for you to not have sticker shock when you pickup the van. Do other builders do this? They should. 




We're good about keeping in touch with drop-off dates so everything meshes well. We try to give people about a month minimum lead time to arrange drop-off, but communication is just really easy when people answer emails and phone calls well, so this part should be easy. 

If you are driving in to drop your rig off, that's fine, we can take you to the airport if you need to fly out. We try to limit the airport pickups or drop-offs to one per vehicle just because we're really busy, but we'll do our best to accommodate whatever you need. You can ship your vehicle to us as well, we do that quite a bit, and if you need help arranging the vehicle movement, we'll help you with that. 

We like to meet people in person either before or after whenever possible, at least to go over the conversion and operation, any quirks we've found with their vehicle, or otherwise recommendations for how to achieve their goals. It's low pressure, low hassle, just tell us what will make things easy and we'll work it out. 


On vehicle drop-off, we require a total of $9,000 down (deposit included), unless otherwise negotiated. This pertains to 4x4 conversions only and if you are executing specialty mods, that figure may vary.  We accept cash, check, credit card, debit card, wire transfers, or Venmo for these funds. If you'd like to use a credit card, we charge 2.5% for anything over $4000, 3% for AMEX.


This is the part where you wait very little time, your van is finished ahead of schedule, everything is done perfectly with no hiccups or supply chain issues, nobody calling out sick, and definitely not someone putting a screw through the floor into the fuel tank, discovering your ring gear has 6 missing bolts, or the cruise unit we ordered you being miss-boxed unit from a Hyundai with the labels scratched off. We're good, we're not perfect, but we'll bust our tails to make this go quickly and painlessly. It's an adventure. 


When your van is finished, you can schedule a pickup which only takes about 20 minutes. If you are out of state and want your van delivered we can help with that. We also offer free airport pickup if you'd like to fly in and drive your van home. If you need some time to get here, we can store the van for you for up to 30 days. Additional storage of vehicle may incur fees as we are limited on space.

You will receive a build sheet with the details of your conversion components for future service and we will spend whatever time you need to explain your new setup. We generally take folks on a quick 5-10 minute test drive to go over the 4x4. Balance due by cash, certified funds or debit card for balance. Credit card payment fee schedule same as at drop-off.

Colorado Residents:

Timberline will collect applicable sales tax on parts used in the conversion process. A good deal of the components used already have taxes paid on materials. 

We offer a free 1000 mile checkup on your van, just to bring it in and shake it down, check for any details needing attention. If you are in metro Denver, we offer free pickup and delivery service of your van.

want to learn more? 

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