Update 10/24/21

Thank you for visiting! We are finally getting a little closer to catching up and have shaken out some of the bugs in our supply chain that many industries are experiencing right now, so you'll find kits back up for sale for both Ford and GM 4x4 conversions on timberlinsupply.com.

Our availability for conversions starts around July of 2022 currently. We have quite a few conversions booked for the new year and will be limiting our comprehensive build-outs to just a handful of vehicles while we work on expanding our offerings on the supply site. 

2021 has been an incredible but challenging year for all of us. We'll be posting a large body of work in the upcoming month to social from all our hard work and amazing builds our team has done this year. Ya'll have had us so deep on the projects that we haven't been able to show it off! 

Thank you for your support and understanding about what it means to be a very detail-oriented small business and the value of having to sometimes wait a bit for good quality work. If we have been slow to respond to any questions or booking requests we sincerely apologize and will be getting to everyone absolutely as soon as possible.

Timberline Vans does not currently allow walk-ins. If you are interested in visiting us, please email to schedule an appointment.