Update 01/03/22

Happy New Year! Timberline has fun stuff coming for 2022.
-Tons of new products coming to store later in January, Coilover kits, long range fuel tanks, leaf springs, Chevy bumpers + 6" kits, retrofit suspension upgrades for other manufactured 4x4 vans, upgrades for OG-Timberline Vans, more ala carte components and specialty bits we've been building.
-New content coming to site including DIY upfitting and package designs to help you fit your rig with the right products on the right budget. 
-Working on new videos and lots of new detailed instructions. 
-Coilover GM IFS Van 4x4 conversions and Q-retrofits coming in Q2. 
-Full custom and ground-up builds dropped for 2022 (sadface), but we'll still have a few spec-vans for the lucky few that have good timing. 

Thank you for your support and understanding about what it means to be a very detail-oriented small business and the value of having to sometimes wait a bit for good quality work. If we have been slow to respond to any questions or booking requests we sincerely apologize and will be getting to everyone absolutely as soon as possible.

Timberline Vans does not currently allow walk-ins. We'll be returning to the phones soon and would be happy to chat.